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Establishing partnerships and motivating processes that will lead to change in the Negev reality.​

Dreams ​








About us ​

As residents who love the Negev, Jews and Bedouin alike, we believe that the lack of promotion towards the Bedouin society in the Negev is a barrier to the development of the entire Negev. ​

The Negev is a home for over three hundred thousand people from the Bedouin society and is considered one of the weakest groups in the State of Israel. ​

The Bedouin society suffers from a lack of physical, and social infrastructure in addition to the mutual distrust between this population and a growing establishment. Over the years, many reasons have led to a significant increase in these phenomena as well as the lack of governance throughout the Negev, which has led to crime and violence that harm the harmony of all residents of the Negev. ​

The Rifman Institute believes that alongside solving of violence with zero tolerance, there is an equally critical need to foster positive collaborations that will encourage growth and partnership through establishment of local, economic and social infrastructure.​

The Rifman Institute will work on reframing and creating a common ecosystem of government, local government, business and third sector entities by encouraging activities, overcoming  barriers, strategic consulting and creating implementation mechanisms, to formulate a broad plan while developing accompanied research capabilities.​

Shmulik Rifman

The late Shmulik Rifman, former head of  Ramat Hanegev Council, chairman of the Center for Regional Councils in Israel and chairman of the Regional Negev Development Authority, and Chairman of the Negev Development Authority. Was one of the most prominent leaders of the Negev.​

An inspiring and groundbreaking visionary who has driven processes and believed in people and provided opportunities to promote meaningful actions in the Negev. ​

Rifman - a man of the Negev, Mr. Settlement, Zionist, knew every stone throughout the paths of Israel. ​

 The founders saw fit to call the foundation in name of the late Rifman as an appropriate commemoration.​

The belief of its founders is that Shmulik was a role model for the work and development of the Negev and this is a continuation of the vision and activism he led.


Areas of activity​


Central government​

Influencing the decision making mechanisms in the State of Israel​


Third sector​

Increasing collaborations, representing and encouraging projects.​

Increasing collaborations, representing and encouraging ventures​


Business Sector​

Entrepreneurship and innovation to increase collaborations and strengthen growth opportunities.​


Local authority​

Providing consulting services, accompaniment and overcoming barriers



Improving neighborhood relations between the communities in the Negev​



Carrying out dedicated research work for the benefit of joint development mechanisms in the Negev​

Take part in changing the reality in the Negev And join the donors circle.​

Contribute and make an impact!​

We will appreciate charity collaborations, feel free to fill out the following form and we will get back to you:

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